Exodus 15

The people now sing a great song (vv.1-18) following their deliverance - the first such worship song in the Bible. It sets the tone for all true worship songs ever since: it's about God (not about us) and what he's done to save us (and recognises that we can't save ourselves).

Count how many times the song says 'the LORD' or uses the words you / he / etc to refer to God. Now say a prayer (or sing a song) of your own which addresses God that many times, perhaps ending as the people of Israel did with these words:

The LORD reigns for ever and ever (v.18)

Verses 19-21 seem to be a recap of the whole event, suggesting that the preceding song may have been written and led by 'Miriam the prophet', who right from an early age had a knack for finding the right words for the occasion (see 2:7)!

Sadly this great worship event is immediately followed by three separate instances of the people grumbling (15:24, 16:2, 17:3). Oh dear! 

How can we make sure that our times of corporate worship set the tone for our whole lives, rather than there being an inconsistency between what we do on Sunday and during the rest of the week?